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Communication can be an interesting challenge though. When we first saw Leonid Tishkov’s work, we loved it on first sight. But getting hold of him was another matter. We had to wait for months before he emerged from the Siberian forests where he had been shooting. Back at Lumitrix head office we were totally charmed by the idea of this man travelling the world with his illuminated moon. 

Many of our photographers are already well-established. But some are just at the very beginning of their careers. Banoo Batliboi is a book sculptor who lives and works in Mumbai. We spied some stunning photographs she had taken of her sculptures in her apartment one day. Finally, we managed to persuade her it was time to officially launch her career as photographer by sharing her images with Lumitrix. 

We think there is something very special about every photographer we represent. They all fall loosely under the umbrella of fine art photography, but that is where the similarities end. From the vibrancy and colour of Louisa Seton to Joanna McClure’s tranquil still lifes or Holly Wilmeth’s magical exoticism, there is something here for everyone.

We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you would like to be represented by Lumitrix, then please get in touch. 


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