Kate founded Nettement Chic in 2012 as a curated guide to provide people with one destination online where they could find the most wonderful things. She has lived in Paris since 2006. Here are her tips for a fantastically stylish Christmas:

"Christmas for me is about doing things beautifully, whether it be food, decoration, clothes or presents. I am a Christmas person right down to the tips of my toes. It probably has something to do with being born on the 23rd of December by a Christmas market in Berlin! Because it's never too early to think about Christmas, I have been collecting inspiring images on Pinterest for weeks. This white star on a black wall is my favourite of the beautiful pictures I have found.


For me, Christmas is about bubbles. We order far too many cases of champagne each year from a champagne house in France called Veuve Olivier that no-one has ever heard of: it is essential that for a week a year you can drink champagne whenever you feel like it. And drinking it from a 'coupe' rather than a flute definitely means added chic.


The smell of pine heralds the arrival of Christmas unlike anything else. A real Christmas tree is the only option. In Paris, I order mine from Treezmas.com where you 'adopt' a tree that comes complete with its roots and then is replanted in a field on the 5th of January. Mine is decorated in white and silver with pieces from beautiful French sites like Le Repère des Belettes and My Little Day.



Instead of mistletoe, I will be decking the hall with olive branches.



Scented candles from Diptyque are an obsession: I light them ALL THE TIME during Christmas.



We are phenomenally lucky in Paris to have a working fireplace. Nothing completes the Christmas line-up like a real fire. I have also taken to dotting the fireplace with 'bags of light' from Merci.

I should add that if you happen to be passing through Paris, some of the best Christmas shopping is to be found at Merci (111 blvd Beaumarchais). They even decorate their mascot, a beautiful 1968 Fiat 500, which to me is chic incarnate.

Christmas Eve is the key date in the French Christmas calendar. By 7 pm on the 24th, my Parisian husband has donned a velvet jacket and is slicing foie gras, a glass of champagne in hand. The foie gras debate is becoming increasingly heated. We make sure of the provenance of ours by making it ourselves with duck livers bought from the Comptoir Corrézien in Paris.


Nothing is better than home-made foie gras on slices of hot brioche with a sprinkling of fleur de del and a glass of champagne. The search for the perfect Christmas outfit normally commences about a week in advance of the 25th when I am overcome by a desire for sparkles and vertiginous heels. It is key to be wildly chic whilst whipping up lunch or supper for 15! Despite the fact that they are hugely impractical, I can't help feeling that these Chloe vintage heels from Louise-Paris would be just perfect!"


We at both Lumitrix and NettementChic wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and for further inspiration on making not just your Christmas chic, but also your wardrobe, home, presents, and children then visit Kate's site: www.nettementchic.com