Each year the AAF gets better at creating the right vibe; this year the music was sensational, and this, coupled with a relaxed atmosphere that welcomed both children and dogs meant there was a truly inclusive and egalitarian feel to the Fair. The free bar, which was positioned upstairs and had a cool, bird-eyes of the event enhanced the party atmosphere, and no doubt led to a few impromptu sales. Insert picture of birds-eye view of fair The Lumitrix stand was well served by our two giant Annabel Nicholl prints, which acted like a magnetic lure to the public. They generated a huge amount of interest from interior designers, influencers and the public alike. Once inside the stand, Magdalena Wosinska, Jess Jones, Sinziana Velicescu and Kate Holstein all sold particularly well. What else was on offer? Here are some of our highlights of the Fair. Insert Sally Buchanan’s map images Sally Buchanan’s work is initially accessible and eye-catching. On closer inspection her maps demonstrate the ways in which man’s activities are considered to be changing the nature of geology. Her pieces subvert different map conventions, reflecting both serious and satirical geopolitical themes. Simple, effective and with a serious ecological message. We liked. Insert Jeremy Houghton images Two weeks have passed since the fair finished. The orders have been processed, packaged and sent, and life at Lumitrix has resumed its normal rhythm again. Hectic, productive, invigorating and shattering all at once. Roll on the next one.