She is a real champion of local art and design and has been at the forefront of South African fashion for almost two decades.


Her clothes somehow encapsulate every aspect of modern South Africa, as seen in this image:



Her apartment is an extension of her clothing and the aesthetic is uniquely tribal and modernist.


Marianne has some real treasures by contemporary South African artists hanging on her walls, but our eyes were immediately drawn to this image by Pieter Hugo.



We’ve been following his work for some time. His images are tribal but urban, anarchic and unsettling.  Best known for his series The Hyena Men, here are some images of his work.




In stark contrast to Marianne’s was this cool, airy house in Constantia belonging to a stylist and her music producer husband.


And here’s your chance to spot the Lumitrix image…



Lastly, we couldn’t post a blog about Cape Town without referencing Dook’s work. Known not only for his nudes, he’s one of the hottest South African photographers around.