First is the Dutch photographer Desiree Dolron whose images have a transcendental beauty. Her pictures have an immediate painterly quality to them. But although her aesthetic is strongly reminiscent of an Old Master, her technique is resolutely modern and blends photo portraiture with detailed and painstaking computer enhancement. Dolron has called her images “puzzles with millions of pixels”.

She did a series called ‘Gaze’ to see what happens when people start to shut down their sensory perceptions. The pictures were taken underwater during intensive sessions lasting up to six hours. Her subjects became increasingly tired and trancelike, resulting in these ethereal, otherworldly images.





Dolron next went to Cuba and captured the images for her series entitled ‘I give you all my dreams’. These dark, saturated portraits of interiors and exteriors have become her best known body of work.




Her ‘Xteriors’ series have the composition and tonality of a Flemish portrait painting, but are digital composites of several different faces. The results are alien and unknowable; haunting and luminous.