The Handmade London images are both a reassurance that the old-fashioned idea of a craft is still very much alive, and an introduction to a series of people who care deeply about their trade. There is something very moving about watching someone who is a master at what they do, and this is what Julian has captured so beautifully in his work. His images also perform an introductory service of where to find the best of the best in London. We shall all now be ordering our smoked salmon this Christmas from Hansen & Lydersen, and buying presents from Michael Ruh. Thank you Julian for also solving this year’s Christmas shopping.

Michael Ruh at Michael Ruh Studio

Michael Ruh studios, Julian Love, Handmade London © Julian Love, 'Michael Ruh at Michael Ruh Studio'

Michael Ruh and his wife Natascha met in the 1990s while studying glass blowing in Belgium. After starting out on their own in 1999 they now operate out of their own studio in Tulse Hill.

Their work is created with nothing but heat, gravity, time and a few simple tools that haven’t changed for centuries, and are inspired by the colours and textures seen while travelling across the wilderness of the US in their camper van.

Ian Burgess at Climpson & Sons Coffee Roasters

Handmade London,Julian Love,Climpson & Sons © Julian Love, 'Ian Burgess at Climpson & Sons Coffee Roasters'

When he came to England at the start of the millennium, Ian Burgess set up a stall selling coffee of the same high quality he’d found while living in Australia. He then opened a permanent café in an old butchers shop in Broadway Market - Climpson & Sons. In 2005 he purchased his first coffee roaster and created a new business supplying freshly roasted beans.

Climpson & Sons became known as one of the pioneers in exploring new coffee origins and presenting consistent and intelligently crafted coffee for the retail and wholesale market. The café continues to supply amazing coffee to an ever-growing fanbase. The roastery has moved to premises in a nearby railway arch and now supplies coffee across London.

Ole Hansen at Hansen & Lydersen

Hanson & Lyderson,Julian Love, Handmade London

© Julian Love, 'Ole Hansen at Hansen & Lydersen'

Ole Hansen makes some of the finest smoked salmon available in London. Ole is following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Lyder-Nilsen who set up a salmon smokery in Kirkeness in northern Norway in 1886. His grandfather Leif Lydersen took over the reigns in 1962 and now, having skipped a generation, Ole has re-started the company here in London four years ago. He supplies Selfridges as well as several of the best restaurants in town. You can also find him on Saturdays at Broadway and Maltby Street markets.

Jessica de Lotz at Jessica de Lotz Jewellery

Jessica de Lotz, Handmade London, Julian Love

© Julian Love, 'Jessica de Lotz at Jessica de Lotz Jewellery'

Jessica de Lotz designs and creates her emotive narrative based jewellery in her Clerkenwell workshop. She is a devoted collector of antique treasures and vintage curios, and works by translates the touching stories hidden in once-cherished possessions to create beautiful bespoke jewellery.

Jamie Baxter at the City of London Distillery

City of London Distillery, Handmade London, Julian Love © Julian Love,'Jamie Baxter at the City of London Distillery'

Jamie Baxter set up the City of London Distillery with Jonathan Clark in 2012. It’s the first distillery within the City of London in nearly 200 years, and they use the same techniques as their predecessors. Their connoisseur's London Dry Gin is flavoured with a fine balance of juniper berries, angelica, liquorice and coriander seeds, with fresh orange, lemon & pink grapefruit added also to give the gin its distinctive taste.

200 bottles of gin takes 4-5 hours to distil, which means there is plenty of time to go the bar next door which serves over 150 different kinds of gin from the latest artisan small-still gins to vintage Plymouth gin from the 1950s.

Julian Love is a commercial photographer who is based in Dalston, London. Handmade London is his ongoing personal project. To see more images, have a look on Julian’s website at