With the party atmosphere of ‘Bondi Beach’ you can almost feel the sunshine on your skin.



The quirky ‘Red Car Interior’ gives a tantalising snapshot of palm trees and blue skies, while evoking a real 50’s feel.



Lastly ‘Cuba’ is an earthy visual of an other world.


See below for more info on this cool chick and her Cuban car:


Where was green car image shot? Habana, Cuba


What was the initial creative concept? I was in love with all the 1950’s cars and I wanted to portray them in their environment. Walking down a street in Cuba feels like you’re in a 1950s movie set. The classic cars were shipped to Havana from Detroit in the 1940s and ’50s. The 1950s American car is a direct reference to cultural memory as it marks the date in which the American embargo took place and in a sense, stopped time in Cuba.


What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already? Next year I begin working on an on going project in Africa to aid women who suffer Obstetric Fistula. I want to see this grow into something useful that makes a positive difference to hundreds of woman’s lives.


What is in your dream fine art photographic collection? Peter Beard, Steve McCurry, I love so many images so this is a very hard question. Who wouldn’t want to have a Helmut Newton.


More on Louisa Seton can be seen here: http://www.lumitrix.com/photographers/louisa-seton