It was great to see photography being so well represented as an art form in India, as painting still holds sway in the art market there.

 We especially loved Poseurs at the Sakshi gallery, which held work by Nandini Valli Muthiah whose vivid Krishna images possess immense potency.





We also loved the images on display by Waswo X. Waswo. His work combines the faded grandeur of a traditional studio portrait with a more quirky, modern day aesthetic. 






The Parsis by Sooni Taraporevala was a charming and nostalgic window into a fascinating world. Taraporevala’s book by the same name is a seminal record of the Parsi community in Bombay.  She started taking black and white images of her family whilst she was a student, before realizing she was creating an extraordinary record of the community to which she belonged. As she moved from shooting in black and white to colour, her own personal records also then extended to document the Parsi community as a whole.