Out of all the galleries exhibiting, we loved Dan Holdsworth's work shown by Brancolini Grimaldi:

Transmission: New Remote Earth Views, takes data from the US Geological Survey to show the spaces of the American West in a new way. In his images, we see stark terrains where meaning is made through what is absent as much as what is seen. Holdsworth takes us into a vision of the unknown; a space that is unequivocally other.


Dan Holdsworth, Mount St Helens, 2012, C-print, 36 x 48 cm, Edition of 5 + 2AP


We are also loyal followers of Susan Derges, whose work is being shown by Purdy Hicks Gallery.

Susan is best known for her pioneering technique of capturing the movement of water by immersing photographic paper directly into rivers or shorelines. She often creates her work at night, working with the light of the moon and a hand-held torch so she can expose images directly onto light sensitive paper. 

A small brook on Dartmoor, Devon near to Susan's studio is the focus of this new series of images. Two different views of the brook's surface, from above and below, bring to mind the flow of time and the nature of changing perceptions.  


Eden 2 2004        Full Moon Cloud Spawn 2 2009
Pieter is most renowned for his body of work, 'The Hyena & Other Men'.These were shot over a two year period on the outskirts of shantytowns in Nigeria. The images show men and young children with wild animals that have been trained to perform, often acting as the sole source of income for these families. Beautiful, arresting, and shocking ...

art blog - Pieter Hugo - empty kingdom


art blog - Pieter Hugo - empty kingdom

art blog - Pieter Hugo - empty kingdom