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Behind the Scenes

  • 03
  • Sunday
  • Aug. 2014


6 ft 8, full-time (24/7) professional with own home- reliable, strong, trustworthy. Would like to meet vibrant, petite mate to fill the long days and nights with smiles and thoughtful contemplation...

Is your wall crying out for a free framed Lumiprint? Send us a photo to show why your wall derserves a little love.

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  • 21
  • Monday
  • Jul. 2014


A beautifully restored and remote lodge in the Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, South Africa. Interior designer Charlotte Daneel shows off her unique style as natural materials meet modern day comforts.

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  • 10
  • Thursday
  • Jul. 2014


Astrid Harrisson was one of the first photographers to join Lumitrix, and we are now so pleased to also be representing her images as fine art prints. We talked to her about her work, and the story behind all three of the new images that Lumitrix has launched as part of its fine art range.

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