At every show a different picture seizes the imagination. This time round, Kate Holstein’s ‘Venice Surf 3’ shone out, radiating peace and tranquility in an otherwise excitable and frenetic atmosphere.


 The other stand-out winner was Tommy Clarke’s triptych ‘Salt Flats’. Calm and atmospheric these aerial pictures of The Useless Loop Salt Ponds in Australia lured people in with their modern and clean lines.


Decorex had over 400 exhibitors this year, and was a truly astonishing show.  It is an unashamedly luxury event.  The exhibitors here are at the top end of the market.  Vibrant, bold, over-whelming, an assault on all the senses; here’s a quick look at what else took our fancy:

Architectural Heritage.  Making your exterior as desirable as the interior of your home, this carefully curated collection of fine garden ornaments are made in traditional high quality materials.  Top of the chart of lust are the copper planters.  



Welcome to the diverse and eclectic world Julian Chichester.  He creates beautiful furniture that is strong and individual, yet understated and elegant.  We even borrowed a sideboard to complete our own stand.  To buy or not to buy?  

 We also wanted to purchase every single piece of Pinch’s furniture.  This studio’s products are characterized by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, which sung all the louder in the busy and boisterous atmosphere of the show.  Sleek, smooth and lustrous, every product would belong in almost any style of home, especially ours.  


Here at Lumitrix we love attention to detail, and it was with joy we discovered Waterworks.  Their exclusive designs encompass taps, surfaces, doorknobs and handles: things that often get overlooked, but when they are right, they are oh-so-right.  And these were spot on.  Tactile, eye-catching and beautifully presented.  A delight.  

Lastly, just for the sheer beauty of it, look at CoCo Wolf’s stand.  Apparently purveyors of outdoor furniture, we were so distracted by the audacity and elegance of their ceiling we almost forgot to look.  But we were glad we did as the handmade statement pieces are taking outdoor furniture from the drab realm of functionality into new territory.  We anticipate outdoor furniture becoming The Next Big Thing.