We visited The Field of Light by Bruce Monro, in St Andrew’s square, Edinburgh, the other day to see how Leonid Tishkov’s moon would look against the backdrop of beautiful lights. We think the result is stunning!

The Field of Light created specifically for St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, is the first time the piece has been exhibited within an urban Landscape.

This is Bruce Monro’s Scottish Debut. 9,500 lighted glass spheres rise from the ground on slender stems to create a natural and otherworldly effect through the volume of spheres, the glow of the lights and gentle shapes.

The piece has been conceived to create an immersive experience, inviting people to wander through St Andrew Square along the existing pathways and view the space in a new way.

Bruce Monro is best known for his lighting installations. His beautiful work has been seen across the world, and he has designed for a huge variety of people from Alexander McQueen, to Help for Heroes.

The Field of Light in Edinburgh can be seen until 27th April 2014