Lumitrix is delighted to be co-hosting 'Into Africa', a week-long exhibition, with an evening of private viewings and talks. It aims to shed new light on Africa’s burgeoning art scene through interaction with a diverse range of artists and conservationists. It promises to be a fascinating event for African art enthusiasts as well as a great introduction for those who are just starting to consider this continent’s contemporary arts culture.

©Caroline Gibello, Elephant in Winterthornes

Since its inception, Lumitrix has been championing photography from this region. Cara Connell, Lumitrix’s founder, and Cate Cannon, Head of Digital, will be representing the company at 'Into Africa'. Cara has travelled extensively throughout the continent and has sourced many talented artists from across the region. Two of these artists, Caroline Gibello and Oliver Barnett, will be exhibited at 'Into Africa'.

©Oliver Barnett, Arvensis

Caroline Gibello specializes in photographs of African wildlife. She brings an ethereal twist to safari images by flooding them with light, representing the mythical stillness she feels when in the African bush. The wilds of Africa are a sacred space for Gibello, and she happily spends hours in the company of the animals who live there, waiting to capture the perfect picture. Oliver Barnett produces a more abstract representation of Africa’s natural world. He collects samples of plants and flowers on nature walks around Cape Town, and then re-imagines them into new patterns. His work is a beautiful reminder of the need for balance and proportion in our relationship with our environment.

©Nick Jeffrey, Emeralds & Sapphires

Other media exhibited at 'Into Africa' include sculptures by Bruce Little. Bruce trained as a conservationist and game ranger, before heading into sculpting on a full-time basis. He sculpts in bronze, in order to capture the spirit of the wild creatures he has observed and guarded over the years. Nick Jeffrey represents a gentler side to the region’s natural world, with his delicate butterfly pieces. Nick’s Perspex and resin works are inspired by his interest in entomology and the sustainable farming industry. Chris Wright produces gorgeous, detailed drawings of African animals. Wright’s respect for wildlife is reflected in his role as Senior Programmes Officer for the Born Free Foundation, specializing in the conservation of tigers and apes.

©Chris Wright, Titus

'Into Africa' is co-hosted by art consultant Georgie Grandy, The Animal Art Fair, and Aardvark Safaris. Georgie Grandy specializes in representing emerging artists, combining an online portfolio with exhibitions across London. Georgie’s guest interview for Lumitrix can be viewed here: The Animal Art Fair represents one of the greatest collections of animal artists and holds regular exhibitions to showcase their artists’ work. 'Into Africa' is taking place at the Chart Gallery, where The AAF is also currently exhibiting Horses in Motion, by Michelle McCullagh. Into Africa is sponsored by Aardvark Safaris, a luxury holiday company, specializing in African and Indian Ocean trips. Aardvark opens travellers’ eyes to the possibilities of Africa, through riding safaris, primate safaris, Kilimanjaro and more. 

©Bruce Little

'Into Africa' provides a beautiful sample of African art, from a variety of media, including photography, sculpture and charcoal drawing. Several of the co-hosts and artists are inspired by their backgrounds in conservation and their love of safari animals, which translates into respect and reverence for the subjects within the pieces. 'Into Africa' promises to be a gorgeous and insightful occasion.