Jamie Lumley takes photographs of gorgeous historical buildings. Rather than rely on post-production or artificial lighting, Jamie prefers to wait until the natural light provides the perfect shot. He is also loath to interfere with the scenes that he photographs. This organic approach produces a feeling of spontaneity and intimacy within the setting. In this interview, Jamie chats to us about his inspiration, artistic journey – and how he likes to spend the weekend!

©Jamie Lumley, Abbey Mills Bar Wall

Tell us about your Abbey Mills series.

The Abbey Mills pictures were taken with a view of using the deserted water pumping station as a location for filming. When I got to photograph it there were signs that a film crew had already been there, leaving tell-tale signs such as Styrofoam cups, wrappers, and a broom!

The photos are essentially of a deserted film set and that appeals to me. I like to photograph what I see and not set things up. If it had been a shoot for a client I would have tidied up!

How does interior photography differ from other styles?

I have to imagine a photo hanging on a wall before I take it. Sometimes a grabbed shot may work but not with interiors and location photography. 

Describe your design process?

Sometimes I have to shoot the image there and then, or If I am lucky, I visit the location more than once, at different times of day, night and year, before I photograph anything. I need to watch the light. My technique when shooting digitally is to get it right first time and not rely on post production. This is because I learnt on film and think as if I am making every frame on a roll count.

Any accessories you can’t work without?

Time! Taking time is really important. I often visit a location at different times of the year to see what the light is doing.

©Jamie Lumley, Wilton's Music Hall Piano

What inspired your Wilton’s Music Hall series?

Wilton’s Music Hall is one of the great buildings in London, and there have been times when its future has been uncertain. To photograph this Music Hall after a party shows it is still very much alive. The flowers and balloons suggest that the party is over for now, but that Wilton’s is ready for the next event.

What work are you most proud of?
A shot I took in New York, looking out from a friend’s apartment in Greenwich village. It gave me the idea of large prints that had a painterly quality to them.

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

I live on the North East Coast of Scotland. The weather is good and the landscape breathtaking. I also love being near the sea.

Who are your artistic heroes?

Eugene Atget, Edward Hopper, Turner, Cartier- Bresson. 

©Jamie Lumley, Abbey Mills Stairs and Broom

Where did you grow up?

Notting Hill, West London.

Describe your first break.

Working as a Location Photographer for The Film London Location Library.

What advice would you give younger photographers?

Make your camera do what you need it to do, show your work to others and listen to what they say- really hard to do, but essential! Buy a film camera and learn how it all worked before the digital age. 

Are you artistic in other ways- can you draw?

I take photographs because I can’t draw.

©Jamie Lumley, Wilton's Music Hall Gallery

What is your favourite night of the week? Your favourite season?

Thursday – its nearly the weekend! Autumn is my favourite season: the colours and light are great.

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already?

A photographic road trip.

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

Walk the dog on the beach, collecting driftwood while talking to my wife.

What is a good life?

A simple life, full of beauty.

©Jamie Lumley, Abbey Mills Pump Room

For more on Jamie's work, please head to: http://www.lumitrix.com/photographers/jamie-lumley