As much as I hate to say it out loud, summer is almost over and I can't quite believe it! However, I do love the thought of autumn being upon us…being able to wrap up in a scarf and walk through the crunchy leaves that collect on the pavement. It also means that you can start to draw your curtains earlier in the evening and (eventually) put the fire on. Ooh, it's sounding appealing already. I am going to give you a few tips on styling your home as we draw closer to autumn and then, dare I say it... winter.

©Photography: Oliver Perrott. Styling: Lucy Gough

Now, this one might not be for everyone- it depends on how much you read! Some people order their books by author, title, colour, but how about throwing order to the wind and turning them backwards? I like the tonal look of it and the warmth that comes from the neutral coloured pages. The wing back chair in this image is from Ikea. It's so inexpensive and will give you somewhere nice to curl up with a book while you have the fire going…

©Photography: Christina Bull for Surface View. Styling: Lucy Gough

One cool way to fill a wall space in your home is with a large print or artwork, especially if you use a canvas image. It is an additional soft surface that can help achieve better acoustics in your room and can help you to warm it up quicker than if your room was full of hard surfaces.

© Photography: Paul Massey for Livingetc. Styling: Lucy Gough

I love this idea! If you're going to have an evening party with friends or family you can get these little battery operated fairy lights on a metal wire here for less than a fiver, then wrap them around your cake for extra sparkle! You can leave it as the centre piece of your table until after dinner when you serve the cake. So much fun as the nights get longer. Another lovely addition to a table setting is to get your hands on a long garland of green foliage (baby's breath and eucalyptus work really well and aren't very expensive). Then you just intertwine them and run them down the centre of the table so they hang over each end. You could also wrap some fairy lights around the garland too- you can never have enough!

© Photography: Christina Bull for Surface View. Styling: Lucy Gough

One thing I have come to love in the home is window film. It means that you can have the curtains open and still have privacy- especially living somewhere like London, or another big city where often you live with a lot of foot traffic outside. One good thing about window film is that as the days get shorter you can have your curtains open to make the most of the fading light, whilst still holding on to your privacy. There are lots of companies that sell window film in all colours, patterns and levels of transparency. It's not expensive and very easy to install yourself!

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