The best photography reads we’ve uncovered all month. From fine art to documentary to wanderlust-inspiring, we hope you enjoy the creative inspiration.

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3. How Dorthea Lange Taught Us to See Hunger and Humanity | NPR Photo 

4. Photographs Capture the Worldwide Phenomenon Known as Dark Tourism | Feature Shoot

5. Lighght, Dago Santos | Phases

6. 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest | The Atlantic  

7. Christine Holtz & Lauren S. Zadikow: 50 Greenspace Dumpsites  | Lintroller

8. Photographer Brittany Wright Captures Foods in Colorful Gradients | Colossal 

9. 35 Amazing Views Captured from an Airplane Window Seat | 500px

10. The Latest Richard Price Controversy, Clarified by Patent and Copyright Attorney, John Arsenault | Fstoppers

11. Kathmandu, Nepal | VSCO Journal

12. Best Photography Websites | Lumitrix (that’s us!)

Photo source: Jeff Sheldon, Unsplash