Somerset House recently hosted Photo London, an exhibition comprising the very best of photographic talent from 80 galleries around the world. The exhibition was only open from the 18th-22nd May, but don’t worry if you missed it! The exhibition can still be viewed through Photo London’s Virtual Gallery. This technology allows a floor-by-floor walk through of the exhibition, and is part of the revolutionary new way in which the public can visit artistic events. .

©Photo London
One series exhibited at Photo London was Nick Brandt’s “Inherit the Dust”. These are post-apocalyptic panoramas. They combine beauty, decay and accusation, to comment on human treatment of the world.

©Nick Brandt
Autograph ABP is a gallery specialising in themes of cultural identity, race and human rights. As a charitable organisation, it undertakes research and develops networks which add to public debate about representation and identity. 

©James Barnor

Bloomsbury Publishing presented the series Heirloom Harvest, by photographer Jerry Spagnoli. This series is based on the efforts by Amy Goldman to preserve agricultural heritage. Based her 200 acre plot in the Hudson Valley, she produces apples, squash, eggplants, white currents and much more. Spagnoli visited her over the course of 15 years to help preservation by photographing Amy’s produce using the historical daguerreotype process.

©Jerry Spagnoli