Start saving your change. After looking at these photographers’ work, you’re going to be ready for a trip around the world.


Kate Holstein | Website

©Kate Holstein


Nicole Franzen | Website

©Nicole Franzen


Shantanu Starick | Website

©Shantanu Starick


Christopher Michel | Website

©Christopher Michel


Leila Peterson | Website

©Leila Peterson


Evan James Atwood | Website

©Evan James Atwood


Carin Olsson, Paris in Four Months | Website

©Carin Olsson, Paris in Four Months


Hedda Selder | Website

©Hedda Selder


Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Talkative Pictures | Website

©Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Talkative Pictures


Alex Strohl | Website

©Alex Strohl


Max Wanger | Website

©Max Wanger


Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist | Website

©Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist


Can’t get away just yet? Here are some fine art prints for your wall to keep your wanderlust alive:


Holly Wilmeth | Print available here


Nandini Valli Muthiah | Print available here


Caroline Gibello | Print available here


Louisa Seton | Print available here


Dave Watts | Print available here


Oliver Perrott | Print available here


Astrid Harrisson | Print available here