Your homes always seem so effortlessly stylish... What are your top tips for someone who wants to revamp their home?

Have a good clear out, that is usually a good place to start. I find it is so easy to accumulate a lot of junk and if you can be ruthless and chuck out that stuff that truthful you don't really want but someone gave it to you or it was expensive or you just can't face going through the pile of paper - it can all get swept away and leave you feeling so much lighter and your house a whole lot better.


©The Selby

We love how you hang your pictures in a seemingly random way - how do you achieve this look?

It is something that i love doing, i find that it really makes a room feel like it is a place you want to sit down and stay a while, which is my litmus test for how well a room is working. I do look for themes, however random the selections may look, but there is usually something, it might be a colour thread or a theme. I happen to have a lot of floral or botanical pictures and then there are a lot that are black and white and others with quite a lot of green in, so the green or the black and white ones might not necessarily be botanicals but they sit well with the rest as there are botanicals that are colour, predominantly green and black and white - if that makes any sense. I also like walls that are TOTALLY random, i think they work too. I hate straight sides, when people do that crazy paving hanging within four straight lines. I think it is better to leave the edges jagged so you can keep adding and don't worry about finishing a wall if you don't have enough pictures - just keep adding.

Do you measure or is it by eye? And the wall where you put up all the little photos, how do you get them to stick without curling?

I do it by eye, i lay them down on the floor and i do measure the layout on the floor to see that it fits on the wall and then i just start putting them up. I have done it before where i started in one corner and just kept on adding until the wall was done, that was a bit of a risk though! With the black and white pictures i have done all sorts of things, blue tack - doesn't really work that well as they tend to come off eventually, double sided sellotape and in one place i did it with pins. Are you a photographer yourself? I took all the polaroids with an old land camera i had. Sadly it doesn't work anymore as the battery is dead and they don't make those any more. But I couldn't say that i am a photographer or even an enthusiast. I did love taking those polaroids though.

In this age of transient media, do you think it is important to capture moments and create art with them? Are you crazy about Instagram, like we are?

Yes, i am a bit crazy about instagram, but i do worry about it too. I think that those mediums are terribly narcissistic and i find myself checking in to see who liked and if i have more followers - which is terrible. But i do love seeing what people are putting up although there is a lot of rubbish and i am staggered by some people who in all seriousness put selfie after selfie up. There are definitely some people that are really interesting to follow and put up beautiful things and i love communicating with friends via instagram.

Rita Konig Simon Upton Interior

©Simon Upton

You used to live in NY - what is the biggest difference in style between London and NY?

We are much more shambolic here! The apartments in NY tend to be much neater in style, but then they don't have as much personality. I think that they follow design more and are more aware of decorating in that way, whereas i think the English are more inclined to follow their own style and use things they have gathered along the way more naturally. What is it that makes 'home' for you? A comfortable sofa, a table beside it with a lamp and a spot for my drink and a drinks tray. I also love an open fire. Of course the pictures up is always the detail in any house that takes it from decorated to being someone's.

Lastly what is your favourite Lumitrix picture? And how would you frame it?

I love this by Louisa Seton, I would go to The Lacy gallery and find an old black frame. I think a black frame would really be beautiful with the green.