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Running Waddler, balancing being a parent, and saving time for fun (and travel) sounds you have quite the to-do list. How do you balance it all?

It can be a little crazy! We are still doing final finishing jobs on our home so today for example we have builders in again, and family staying and some workawayers - a little chaotic, but fun! We've been making chocolate (I make it from the fruit to the bar!) and soap (Marina makes homemade beauty products with natural ingredients). There was some talk of chocolate soap but I put a stop to that, a terrible waste of good chocolate ;)

Favorite place to be in your home?

I found an old 1950's leather armchair in a antique shop by a highway here in Bahia. It's in our bedroom and I love to sit in it and look out through the doors at the ocean and forest in the distance.

Favorite artist?

That's a hard one! I love David Shrigley and Andy Goldsworthy. And from South America I love the Argentine self taught artist Milo Lockett.

Most incredible place you’ve ever traveled (or lived!)

I'm much more into living in places. I find that with travel you forget most of what you see. Unless you live a permanent life of travel, that is a different mentality but I understand it more readily. I think where are right now [in Bahia] must be the most incredible place I have lived... yet!

What have been the biggest surprises about living your nomadic lifestyle?

How hard it is to break away from the self imposed pressure to conform. In a world without many alternatives to the mainstream approach to life, conforming is programmed into us from an early age.

Future plans?

We stopped making those two years ago—they are exhausting and never work out in any case. Life seems to get in the way ;)

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