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Dave Watts

Somerset, United Kingdom

Dave Watts is a British photographer whose images combine beauty with a sense of the unexpected. Much of his work takes a startlingly fresh look at places of uncertainty around the world. Dave is also the recipient of numerous photography awards including the Sony World Photography Award. He lives with his family in Somerset.

Preferred Style


Preferred Camera

For digital photography I have always used Nikons, the latest of which is a D800.

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Quick Questions

Where do you live?

I've just moved back to Somerset from London. I grew up in Somerset so I’m biased, but it’s full of lovely people, cheese & cider.

Describe your design process?

Ad-hoc. While I do work on specific projects, most of my photographs are taken while on a wander, waiting for that decisive moment.

And your style?

Global, unexpected.

What’s been your biggest challenge?


Who are your artistic heroes?

Elliot Erwitt, Cartier-Bresson, Mary Ellen Mark, Johan Bendiksen, Marc Riboud, Bruce Davidson, Don McCullin, Martin Parr, Man Ray, Dali …

Describe your first break.

One of the photographs I have with Lumitrix, Persepolis, won a Sony World Photography Award and the Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year, both of which gave me a lot of exposure and confidence.

Where were you first published?

The first piece I had published was in the Financial Times How to Spend It magazine and was on heli-skiing in Georgia. If only all jobs since had been that fun!

What advice would you give younger photographers?

Developing your own style is key to being recognised in photography, so I would definitely say to keep this in mind. Also, go to as many exhibitions as you can. And never leave your camera at home.

Describe the best party you have ever been to.

Notting Hill Carnival a few years ago. We had a flat party that got a bit out of hand, and the ceiling in the shop below collapsed.

What excites you and what angers you?

Good food and DIY.  

What is a good life?

A happy one.


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