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Joanna McClure

New York

Joanna’s work has appeared in numerous international publications, including Vanity Fair and Nylon. She lives in New York, where she always has a camera to hand to capture the quirky details of modern life.

Preferred Style

Classic, minimal, colourful & feminine

Preferred Camera


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Quick Questions


 Patterns/textures, books, flowers, the weather.

Biggest challenge?

Convincing myself that what is in my head is a good idea for a photograph …

Who are your photographic icons?

 Sarah Moon, Otto Dix, Balthus, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nabakov.

Where do you live?

 New York City. I love its culture, energy and opportunity.

What are you excited about?

 My daughter's future.

Name four things you learnt whilst growing up:

 Honesty. Integrity. How to travel. How to save money.

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

 Park with friends and family, glass of wine.

When do you want to retire?

 When my eyes don’t work anymore.


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