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Jonty Sale

Dorset, UK

Jonty Sale is a British photographer who perfectly captures the atmosphere and sensation of British landscapes. His images are presented as the departure point rather than the destination, and suggest an idea of place rather the place itself. These are places we all recognise, despite never having been there. In perfect counterpoint, his work on natural objects is very precise, allowing the viewer to explore the dance and dialogue between what exists and the space that it occupies.

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Yashica A and Wista Field

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Quick Questions




Where do you live? What do you love about it?

The Wiltshire/Dorset border. It remains relatively empty and the land and the sky are in balance.


Where did you grow up?

Buckinghamshire, at the end of the Metropolitan Line.


Are you artistic in other ways- can you draw?

I can scribble an impression, although the looser the better.


What is your favourite night of the week? Your favourite season?

Never Wednesday. The rest are on rotation. Spring is my favourite season, especially the weeks proceeding the May blossom.


What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already?

To consistently make breathtaking prints in the darkroom.


Describe the best party you have ever been to.

It was a party at which I had something to do: I am always better able to enjoy a party more if I’m occupied in some capacity.


What excites you?

The potential. The tease.


What angers you?

My own stupidity. The callousness evident all around us.


What is a good life?

To know love and friendship. To succeed on your own terms. So far, so good.


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