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Laura Austin

Los Angeles

Laura Austin’s all-American style stems from an entirely authentic approach. She only uses natural light, and sees her career as developing organically, rather than being based on one big break. This feeds into her myriad of subjects, taken on her travels. Surfboards, billboards and beaches all crop up in her eclectic discovery of artistic experiences

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Preferred Camera

Canon. I have nothing against Nikon, Canon is just what I know.

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Quick Questions

Describe your style?

Hmmm… my “style” is a little tough to describe since my body of work is very diverse. I guess I get coined as a travel/adventure photographer. I try to make everything come across as genuine and authentic as possible, whether I am shooting people or wide open landscapes.

Who are your photographic icons? Are any of these from other artistic mediums?

Two of my favourites are William Eggleston and Nadav Kander. There is a stillness to Nadav’s work that blows my mind. And I really appreciate Eggleston’s eye and ability to take a scene that would seem completely un-photogenic to average person and turn it into something beautiful.

What is in your dream fine art photographic collection?

A Yosemite landscape by Ansel Adams.

When did you start your photographic career?

Before becoming a full-time photographer I was a graphic designer, and a journalist. Photography has always been part of my career in some way, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to take the leap of faith and become a full-time freelance photographer.

When did your first break come and how did it feel?

It’s hard to say what my first break really was. Like I said, photography has always been part of my career in one way or another so I feel like my path to becoming a full-blown photographer was more of a slow moving train than a break.

What advice would you give younger photographers?

If you want to be a professional photographer it better be because you are truly passionate about taking photos… not just because you think “photographer” sounds like a cool job title. That will get you nowhere..


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