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Ritty Tacsum


Ritty is a largely self-taught experimental photographer with a keen and sensitive eye for the beautiful, weird and surreal. Ritty’s work is exhibited widely in both Malta and England.

Preferred Style

Experimental fashion photographer.

Preferred Camera

The whole lot: Canon, Zenit, Lomography cameras, Polaroid, Kodak Brownie. These photos were shot with Canon EOS 7d ; Lens: 28-135mm and Zenit 3EHNT ; Lens; Helios 44mm.

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Quick Questions

Where do you live?

 Best thing about Gzira is that you are five minutes away from the sea and weird things happen day or night. Best thing about Kirkop is that it’s very small and very quiet.

Who are your photographic icons?

Are we allowed people from other artistic mediums? Robert Mapplethorpe for photography. Jeff Koons for his amazing sculptures.

What advice would you give younger photographers?

 Remember there is a difference between an artist and a photographer.

Are you artistic in other ways? Can you draw?

 I do draw, mainly illustrations. But I never show them to the public. I also experiment with installation art and clay.

What are you excited about?

 The four exhibitions I’ve got coming up next year…

What have you learnt?

 Love makes people happy not money. Nothing comes easy in life. Good friends are rare to find. And that you have to master your own fears.

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

 Roaming around the streets of Malta, lunch with my partner, playing Yahtzee and watching movies … I love my lazy Sundays.

When do you want to retire?

 When I’m dead.

What is a good life?

 Doing what you love surrounded by people who love you.


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