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Sandra Jordan

London, UK

Sandra Jordan fell into a career in photography by accident. In 2007 she travelled from London to Istanbul by train, and bought her first camera to document the journey. By the end of the eleven-week trip she was completely hooked on photography and uses her talents to create silence within the chaos that surrounds us. She likes to create images that have space to breathe - like visual meditations.

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Preferred Camera

Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D MK II.

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Quick Questions

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

London. I love the melting pot of architecture in my city.


The world around us.

Favourite part of the job?

The practice of taking the photographs. For me it is like a meditation – the only time I get to switch my mind off and just focus on one thing.

Biggest challenge?

Keeping up with social media.

Worst moment?

When my external hard drive broke, just hours after my Cloud back-up service failed. I lost 10,000 images.

Any accessories you can’t work without?

For the long exposures I have to use a remote control and a tripod. Sometimes the exposures can be up to six minutes, which on a British beach in the middle of winter feels like a really long time, so warm clothing and my Kindle are a must!

Have you been exhibited? Where?

My first solo exhibition was in 2012 at Art@10GS in Mayfair. In October 2016 I had a solo exhibition, curated by the Laura Noble Gallery. It was held at the Four Corners Gallery in London as part of the PhotoMonth East London Photography Festival. I have also had work at Works On Paper at the Science Museum and at the Affordable Arts Fair in Battersea.

What is in your dream fine art photographic collection?

I would absolutely love some of Josef Hoflehner’s work in my home.

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already?

It’s all travel based: photographing icebergs in Greenland, travelling on the Transiberian Express and getting to photograph Iceland, Uzbekistan, Russia, Poland, Tel Aviv and many more places!

What excites you?

Travelling to new destinations.

What is a good life?

Doing something you love and getting to share it with friends and family.


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