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Steve Back


Steve’s work pivots around revealing natural beauty through composition. His aerial images of salt pans and lagoons in the Australian outback are perfect expressions of how he captures form and function in the natural world. He is also a successful commercial photographer, and has worked with numerous international architects, interior designers and advertising agencies. He lives and works in Bondi, Australia.

Preferred Style

Abstract aerial photographer.

Preferred Camera

Canon 5d mkIII and his iPhone.

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Describe your design process?

 I stumble across something and get spontaneously inspired. I rarely plan the subject matter I shoot, I merely put myself in the way of random opportunity.

What did you use to photograph the images submitted to Lumitrix- camera make, lenses and lighting?

I shot all of this work on a canon 5d mkII and mkIII, due to being in an aircraft I need the flexibility and small size of 35mm digital and the ability to shoot at higher ISO.  All shot using the 24-105mm L series lens.

Who are your artistic heroes?

Gursky, Struth and Burtynsky.

What is in your dream art collection?

 Rothko, Banksy, Tracey Emin and Antony Gormley.

What work are you most proud of?

 I am most proud of the Hutt Lagoon series, as they are the most simple and graphic works I have produced.

Where is your work exhibited?

 I have had several exhibitions in Sydney and am currently exploring opportunities for exhibiting overseas, particularly in London and New York.

What advice would you give younger photographers?

Stick at it and your path will be revealed … but it can take longer than you think.


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