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Tommy Clarke

London, UK

Tommy Clarke takes his striking aerial views from 90 degree angles, relying on natural light for an authentic shot. His work creates patterns out of containers, boats and sun-bathers. His coastal views take in Australian beaches, turbulent oceans and industrial structures.

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Preferred Camera

Digital Nikon cameras, film Contax and the Polaroid 600se

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Quick Questions

Describe your design process?

My aerial work is shot from a nearly 90 degree angle so one of my best tools in my design process would be Google Earth. It gives me a free and unlimited view of the world in a similar angle to which I shoot.

Who are your artistic heroes?

My work has been based around the coast so far and my biggest influence there is Massimo Vitali who produces beachscapes that are beyond perfect. Andreas Gursky is also a big influence, as he bridges the worlds of art and photography seamlessly.

What is in your dream fine art photographic collection?

Rooms filled with the work of Massimo Vitali and Mark Rothko.

How did your photographic career begin?

I broke my back at school and whilst taking a break from sport. I picked up a camera and it went from there.

Describe your first break.

I was asked to photograph my girlfriend of the time for the famous ‘girl in pearls’ portrait in Country Life Magazine. It was my first paid photography job and is still such a recognisable institution.

Where were you first published?

Editorially it was GQ magazine. I shot a lingerie story for them whilst interning in their fashion department.

What work are you most proud of?

My aerial work is my real passion. The culmination of a shoot that has taken years to plan and save up for is the most satisfying feeling. I am very proud of what I am able to create.

What advice would you give younger photographers?

To take as many photos as you can. With digital technology being so accessible now, the costs are so much lower. It costs nothing to go out and take a thousand photos now and by doing so you can organically learn your own style.

Have you been exhibited at all? Where?

I held my first exhibition in London last year. Even though it was immensely stressful it was incredibly rewarding when art collectors bought pieces of mine to hang next to their Damien Hirsts!


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