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Interior Designer Laura Stephens

Interior Designer Laura Stephens shares her art tips

Laura Stephens employs numerous inspirations into her work, each visual spark provoking a reaction that she expresses in a room's final design. Laura's work as an interior designer has taken her through projects and concepts that only helped to further establish her particular aesthetic - and why her clients are so enamored with it. We were lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Laura and have a chat about her life, her work, and just about everything in between.

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Photographer Jonty Sale

Jonty Sale

Jonty Sale's photography is best understood via its process. Each image takes meticulous, often seemingly tedious efforts. The literal footwork involved alone is enough to shed some light on his connection with what he calls 'picture-making'. Multiple exposures and constant re-shoots help Sale's work lend dialogue to British landscapes. Each print in his poetic style is a study in space as an idea rather than any specific point...

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Framing Options

The art of framing fine-art

We offer a variety of different framing options, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Every frame is hand crafted to make sure that each Lumitrix Fine Art image is shown at its very best.

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