About The Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the very best in photographic talent. We want people to be able to buy beautiful photographs for a price that is accessible and without having to go through a traditional gallery. We represent a carefully curated gallery of images that is growing all the time.

How Lumitrix Began

Lumitrix’s founder, Cara Connell, is a freelance photographer herself. Struck by how hard it is to break into the fine art photography market, Cara launched Lumitrix in 2013 to give talented photographers a new platform for their work. Lumitrix now represents photographers from around the world and is always searching for new talent. Some of our photographers are just starting out, and use Lumitrix as a springboard for their career. Others are already well-established and see our site as a great way to get more exposure for their work.

Lumitrix Images

We sidestep a lot of the baffling issues that traditionally surround fine art photography by using a set pricing structure where the number of editions available is determined by the print size. Our diffusion line, Lumiprints, offers our customers a more affordable entry point for our images.

The Right Choice

We know that it’s a big decision to buy something as special and personal as a picture. We want to inspire our customers, and help them discover which image they love the most. That’s why we have videos and interviews with our photographers on our site, as well as lifestyle editorials showcasing our prints in beautiful homes around the world.