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Collector’s Edit: Domenica Marland

Domenica Marland is a rising art dealer based between London and Wiltshire. With an impressive MA History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art, Domenica applies her extensive knowledge of the subject to sourcing both decorative and affordable works of art for her clientele. Her influential online gallery is featured on House & Garden's 'The [...]

Collector’s Edit: Elizabeth Typer

Elizabeth Tyler is a prominent landscape designer and writer based in the UK. She seeks to enhance biodiversity and create spaces in which people can thrive. She is also a regular contributor to Vogue and the Financial Times amongst other publications. We collaborated last year when Elizabeth interviewed German photographer Anna Skladmann for our IGTV series about [...]

Introducing Anna Skladmann

Anna Skladmann (b. 1986, Bremen, Germany) combines photography and scanning techniques to reflect on aspects of contemporary life as well as exploring notions of nature and society. She is interested in the notion of archives as well as literature and mythology. Anna’s work is included in permanent collections such as The Pinault Collection and The [...]

Inspired By: Brands

We are excited to continue #InspiredBy, an uplifting new editorial series. Our community is important to us and we take pleasure in observing how our favourite brands, publications and creatives have evolved in recent months. We follow with five brands that excite us and the Lumitrix photographs that reflect them; LemLem, Matilda Goad, Collagerie, Casely-Hayford [...]

Inspired By: Publications

Our community is important to us. We have taken pleasure in seeing how our favourite publications are adapting. We are excited to launch our #InspiredBy series, which celebrates all they do to contribute and uplift us. So it Goes, Semaine, Suitcase, Cabana and Luncheon have each inspired us to showcase the work of a Lumitrix [...]

Collector’s Edit: Daisy Knatchbull

Daisy Knatchbull is founder of The Deck, a London-based tailoring brand, which is exclusively for women. Dancing a careful line between contemporary and classic, The Deck offers women an unparalleled experience of craftsmanship, quality and fit, whilst embracing modern femininity. Daisy launched her brand following years of expert tailoring experience including with iconic Huntsman, Savile [...]

Collector’s Edit: Will Iron

Will Iron is the Academic Programmes Manager at The Royal Academy of Arts, London where you can follow virtual tours of their exhibitions. Led by expert tutors and artists, their courses and classes provide an opportunity to explore subjects ranging from life drawing to the history of exhibitions and arts management. Will was previously a [...]

Collector’s Edit: Charlotte Rey

Our COLLECTOR'S EDIT series continues with Charlotte Rey, the Swedish co-founder of award-winning creative consultancy and design partnership Campbell-Rey. She and co-founder Duncan Campbell met at Acne Studios and also run @carlota, a fabulous range of furniture. Working fluently between residential and commercial interior design, creative direction, furniture and product design, they work with brands such [...]

Collector’s Edit: James Ogilvy, Landscape Designer

James Ogilvy is the founder of Ogilvy Landscape, a leading design practice. Trained at the Inchbald School of Design in London, he has developed his skills over many years. Based in the UK, James has undertaken work in Britain, Europe and the US. Formerly the founder and publisher of Luxury Briefing, he is known for [...]

Collector’s Edit: Scarlett Colicci

Scarlett Colicci (née Bowman) is the founder of Projects on Walls. Her platform sources, curates and advises on artwork for both commercial and residential interiors across London. An impressive list of recent clients includes Soho House, Christie’s and Hoxton Hotel. As well as being a monthly cultural contributor to Evening Standard Insider, Scarlett is also [...]

Collector’s Edit: Thomas Griffiths

Thomas Griffiths is revered in London for his diverse and elaborate knowledge of art, interiors and antiques. He is soon to launch his platform Oskaig – named after a favourite corner of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland - to showcase the pieces that he collects, designs and sells as well as the unique interiors he [...]

Collector’s Edit: Nina Litchfield, Interior Designer

Nina Litchfield is one of London’s leading interior designers. Brought up in Brazil, she brings colour and vibrancy to any setting. She studied at Inchbald School of design before launching her flourishing business. Recent projects include a stunning renovation in Portugal, relaxed apartment in Chelsea and a chic townhouse in Notting Hill. From Stella Magazine [...]

In the spotlight: Richard Gaston

If you’ve never been to the Scottish Highlands, Richard Gaston  work is going to have a particularly emphatic effect. Even if you’re a regular in this northwestern region of Scotland, his fine art photography will stand out for its clean and simple style. Gaston’s work takes this approach — free of noise, intentional in composition [...]


Lumitrix engages with technological innovation as we present our digital exhibition Cyanotype in partnership with Artsy. The chosen subject matter of cyanotypes visibly reflects on more traditional practices within photography. Unexpectedly there is a natural confluence between them, because cyanotypes were perhaps the first step towards modern photography. We celebrate the cyanotype by uniting exquisite [...]

In the spotlight: Ellie Tsatsou

Few things capture an essential sense of Ellie Tsatsou’s core as a fine art photographer than her perspective on her own career. From a background in Film Studies and two prestigious internships, Ellie has established herself as a creative force, but her answer to a non-descript prompt — describe your first big break — reveals [...]

Behind the scenes with Barneby Gates

Vanessa Barneby and Alice Gates set up the fabulous BARNEBY GATES  nearly 10 years ago and this veritable British wallpaper and fabrics brand has gone from strength to strength.  In a Wiltshire barn, Alice Gates and Vanessa Barneby create their own range of distinctive wallpapers and fabrics that has a dedicated following all over the [...]

New Photographers To Follow on Instagram

Instagram’s relevance to photography is one that is fairly self-evident. From its very beginnings, this very distinctive social media platform has been the ideal show-space for photographers to share their creativity with the world. Through the years, Instagram has evolved into something noticeably more nuanced.   Rather than turning an IG profile into an attempt [...]

At Home with the founder of Edit58, Lisa Mehydene

We all have some sort of impetus that stops us in our tracks and gives us pause. It may be a fleeting moment — one that can be ignored and from which we may quickly move on — or, that slight bump can inspire us to shift directions in life. What's more, that bolt of [...]

In the Spotlight : Aerial photography

Fine art photography is hardly ever limited in cognitive scope, but there are genres we can all find particular connection with. Seasonals, floral fascinations, even the colours of different images fall into specific categories that speak to different tastes. One such branch is that of AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY, where perspective is taken to more thoughtful and all-encompassing [...]

At home with 2LG Studio

Before it really started to come together, the home shared by Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead was, to put it mildly, a renovation project that was long overdue.   The actors turned interior designers were looking for their next home back in 2015 and you can imagine that there was some stress involved. Now, take [...]

Lumitrix collaborates with Paul Smith

British fashion designer Paul Smith needs no introduction. He is known for his beautiful tailoring and colourful prints, but over the years has branched out from just men’s suits and into womenswear, plus shoes, accessories, shirts and coats, while still staying true to his roots. We, here at Lumitrix, were delighted when we were invited [...]

British Landscapes Exhibition with Another Country

We are delighted to have partnered with ANOTHER COUNTRY for an exclusive exhibition of British Landscape photography in their Crawford Street Showroom. The exhibition features new work by Caroline Fraser, Jonty Sale, Oliver Perrott and Richard Gaston as well as a number of other fine art prints launched exclusively with Another Country. Another Country designs [...]

Floral fascinations & Botanical Inspiration

  The sun is, slowly but surely, creeping its way through the ever-present grey of London. With that comes a variety of welcome signs of the warmer months ahead. One great example is the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show, kicking off in May to greet the season.   The show’s extravagant colours and imaginative designs [...]

Meet the photographer: Annabelle Nicoll

To celebrate the release of new images from esteemed photographer Annabelle Nicoll,we turn the spotlight on to one of Lumitrix's most adventurous photographers, shooting much of this new series in the harsh Finnish winter along with the associated complications that go with such exposed conditions. There might not be a more poignant representation of Annabelle Nicoll’s [...]

A guide to choosing Art

The challenges in choosing fine art for your space can be overwhelming. Particularly if you’re relatively new, figuring out what to look for (and how to look for it) comes across as a daunting ask. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be quite so stressful. As with most arts-focused endeavors, it just takes a bit of [...]

Looking to dip a toe into the world of Contemporary Photography?

Looking to dip your toe into the world of contemporary photographic art?    We will be exhibiting once again at London's Affordable Art Fair from 7-10 March.  Our friendly, expert team will be on hand to help you choose the perfect piece to suit your space, taste and spend.   On display will be a [...]

Meet the photographer: Jonty Sale

Jonty Sale's photography is best understood via its process. Each image takes meticulous, often seemingly tedious efforts. The literal footwork involved alone is enough to shed some light on his connection with what he calls 'picture-making'. Multiple exposures and constant re-shoots help Sale's work lend dialogue to British landscapes. Each print in his poetic style [...]

Dip your toe into the world of photographic art

Looking to dip your toe into the world of contemporary photographic art?    Or seen and fallen in love with one of our fine art prints but want to see it in the flesh? We will be exhibiting at London's Affordable Art Fair from 9-12 May in Hampstead Heath.   Our friendly, expert team will be [...]

Our top Interior Designers to follow in 2019

  Our fine art photography collection holds a value that is beyond the inherent.  Every piece of our catalogue of quality art prints is an opportunity to make your home that much more your own. Fine art paintings and prints have this effect, adding intrigue and personal nuance to your valued space. This is something [...]

Country Cool: Rose Astor

Rose is a contributing editor for the Sunday Times Travel section.  She is also the founder of a hip private members club for parents in London called Maggie and Rose (with spectacular interiors). She is also the head of Soho Farmhouse membership committee.  And finally, a working mother of three. Her home in Oxfordshire is [...]

In the spotlight: Andrei Michailov

An increasing proportion of fine art photography focuses on transferring a feeling of depth and size. Some of the most breathtaking imagery keys in on a sense of vastness, grandness. Restricted by a frame of finite dimensions, this genre of images often envokes a sensation that you’re looking at something much bigger. For Andrei Michailov, [...]

Lumitrix Living in a 1930’s townhouse in Brussels.

A 1930’s house in need of renovation was made into a stunning family home with beautiful high ceilings and light-filled spaces. The look is contemporary but with traditional detailing. We love the polished stone floors in the hallway, and retro geometric wallpaper.  Lumitrix’s Toblerone by Camilla Stoddart is well placed in the sitting room against the [...]

Interview with Laura Stephens

Laura Stephens employs numerous inspirations into her work, each visual spark provoking a reaction that she expresses in a room's final design. Laura's work as an interior designer has taken her through projects and concepts that only helped to further establish her particular aesthetic - and why her clients are so enamored with it.   [...]

Christmas London Store

Lumitrix is proud to be featured in a truly remarkable venue alongside an impressive selection of contemporary and independent brands.   Grosvenor Britain and Ireland has put together a unique retail concept running right up until Christmas that affords promising new brands a shot at more exposure. It’s a chance to fill visitors in on [...]

Exclusively Lumitrix – What is a Limited Edition Print?

When you're looking to buy art prints online, there's a number of complications that inevitably stand in your way. Of course, this doesn't mean things haven't gotten remarkably easier. Finding affordable art prints from the comfort of your own home continues to get easier. However, despite this increasing sense of ease, it can be difficult [...]

Jessica Buckley

Focusing in on lively expressiveness - tempered by years of design training - Jessica Buckley's design philosophy is about intimacy and identity. Professionally, Jessica's work as a property investor has meant matching her design-focused eye with more pragmatic considerations. But her vision never left her, eventually leading to time spent studying at the Sydney Design [...]

Catch-Ups and Interiors: The Lumitrix Team at Decorex

Another installment of Decorex has come and gone, and we are missing it already. The team here at Lumitrix had the privilege of not just attending this eye-opening show but also occupying a space within the exhibition. The Lumitrix stand was an opportunity for us to let the visitors in on the bright, talented secrets [...]

LA Living, In Style: Inside Laura Austin’s Apartment

Lumitrix photographer Laura Austin gives us a tour of her stylish studio apartment in LA. Laura is more than just a photographer; she is a visual storyteller, problem solver, traveller and writer. Her apartment reflects her passions, and amongst the industrial light-filled space there is plenty to fascinate over, including one of our favourite prints, Yosemite. Most holidays [...]

The Naked Eye – Framing & Reframing the Nude Form

Despite the often controversial position it finds itself in, the notion of nude photography is as integral to understanding the medium as the lens itself. Searching for just the right art print, a compelling image that speaks to you, is a task that comes with an overflow of options. And yet, few genres of photography [...]

Lumitrix Loves: Ten of the Best-Dressed at Decorex

As we mentioned recently, Decorex was a fabulous time for all of us here at Lumitrix. Nestled somewhere in the middle of all the artsy hustle and interiors bustle, we were afforded the chance a rare slow-down. As a result, there was tons of chatter and catching up with peers and loved ones. There was [...]

Our Jumbo Prints Leave No Blank Spaces

Have a giant section of your wall that could do with some refreshingly large art? Look no further. Whether you’re into geometrically composed photography or shots of nature’s serenity, our wide selection of large art prints has something for every taste. As one of our favourite interior designers made clear, there's a lot that can [...]

Our favourite 10 Photographers to Follow on Instagram

  It's no secret that we enjoy discovering new photographers here at Lumitrix. Thanks to years of work - and a lifetime of obsession - the team have nominated some of their favourite photographers whose work we like to keep up with.   From fashion and celebrity photography to images of vast landscapes and historic [...]

Behind the scenes with Suzzy Cazalet

Sussy Cazalet is a designer capturing the current zeitgeist.  Her eponymous agency, founded in 2012, is a multidisciplinary design and production studio.   She works on projects ranging from designing spaces and interiors for clients to art direction for brands and events, and is currently creating a furniture and textile collection. Her client list is impressively [...]

An Unforgettable Photo London 2018

For its fourth year, Photo London's annual showcase expressed a remarkable amount of growth while keeping in line with its central duality.   Situated in Somerset house, Photo London has earned a reputation of some prestige among both the art and photography crowd. The selection of galleries and exhibitors reiterated the event's inclusive approach. Of [...]

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Rita Konig, one of Lumitrix’s favourite interior designers, says, “My litmus test for how well a room is working is whether it feels like a place you want to sit down and stay for a while.”  Creating a gallery wall is, if you get it right, the perfect way to ensure people will want to [...]

Spring has sprung

Now the sun has finally returned, we take a look at ten of our fine art photographic prints to help your home spring into the season on the right foot - and keep the brightness around long after the sun takes its leave. 1. Tommy Clarke's work strikes just the right tone for the warmer [...]


We've long admired fine art photographer Edward Burtynsky, who's images are widely regarded as key visual documents of our time.  Burtynsky eloquently chronicles human impact on the planet and he is famous for representing nature transformed through industry. He seeks out the largest industrial incursions around the world. A photographer of paradox, his images record [...]

In the Spotlight: Caroline Gibello

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second." Renowned French photographer Marc Riboud once used those words to gracefully elaborate on the power of photography.  Ask wildlife photographer Caroline Gibello about how her photography connects with her enjoyment of life, and you're likely to get a similar answer.   Having spent her formative [...]

Lumitrix founder’s eclectic and elegant London renovation

Cara Connell, our founder here at Lumitrix, incorporates an interesting mix of approaches in the design of her new home. Inevitably, a good bit of her personality reveals itself in the final product.   A few steps into Cara's home and you're greeted with light and space. The split level home contradicts some motherly advice: [...]

In the spotlight; Dansi

We are delighted to welcome Dansi, an ongoing collaboration between photographer Simon Clarke and Artistic Director Dan Stephings.   Kinesis ("physical movement,” 1819, from Greek kinesis “movement, motion”) is a collection of large format images by Dansi. The images are a study of the beauty of motion. The collection examines the perfect dive, featuring Leon [...]

Hoxton Panelist Event

At our latest Lumitrix Event, we were happy to welcome some stellar names in the world of interior design and technology. Our panelists ranged in perspectives thanks to a variety of backgrounds.   Elaborating on their individual perspectives, our guests treated us - and all the lovely people who came along - with an evening [...]

Events at the Lumitrix Living Concept Store

Join us at our Marylebone pop-up for a series of workshops, networking events and even a meditation session thrown in for good measure. Bloom & Wild Hand Tied Bouquet Workshop - Wednesday, 4th April Guided by a Bloom & Wild florist, you will learn all the steps in preparing, arranging and packing your blooms into your [...]

Lumitrix Concept Store

This weekend, Lumitrix are offering exclusive discounts on selected items in their Marylebone Concept Store. Between Friday 27th April and Sunday 29th April, join us for our Sample Sale where we'll be reducing prices on selected Lumitrix items. This is your last chance to browse our inspiring fine art photography 2018, along with a curated [...]

An Art Fair to Remember

We ate, we laughed, we talked, we exhibited. After such a wonderful time at the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park, we're not sure what was better: displaying our photographers' work or meeting so many lovely people Our small team here at Lumitrix is proud to have been part of the most recent Affordable Art [...]

Lumitrix collaborates with Houzz

We're well into 2018 and interior design is buzzing with new trends and tastes. So, in the image-centric world we live in, getting more social media savvy by the day, how do you put on a show to remember? Well, for starters, you make it as Instagram-ready as possible! As it turns out, that's just [...]

Maison week and all things chic

The Lumitrix team took a deep breath and crossed the channel for Maison et Objet. We were part of 600 new exhibitors at the Parisian show and nothing can prepare you enough for your ‘first’.  It is an onslaught of sheer enormity to a scale that you cannot imagine possible. Think you have found your [...]

In the Spotlight: Juliette Charvet

Lumitrix is thrilled to have signed Juliette Charvet, a French-born photographer living in Brooklyn, New York.  She is known for her wide and unlimited landscapes focusing on the concept of frontiers, and her work is dazzling in both its scope and breadth. Her distinctive approach to framing offers alternative ways of looking at views we might otherwise take [...]

Helene Sandberg at home in London

Helene Sandberg is one of our photographers, highly regarded in her field.  Her home mixes her undeniable talent for interior design with many of her own artworks.  Lumitrix caught up with her at her home in Barons Court, West London to discuss her career, her flair for interiors and what it is like to live [...]

Artist Residence Founder, Justin Salisbury

The Artist's Residence Hotel in Brighton oozes charm, creativity and coolness.  You are literally surrounded by style.  The fun design-led environment that focuses on hospitality is clearly a winning formula as the Artist Residence collection now includes hotels in Pimlico, Penzance and Oxfordshire. However, the backstory of the Artist Residence is quite something. It was [...]

Rita Konig – What Rita Says

Rita Konig started her writing career in 2000 with her column, ‘Rita Says’ in British Vogue.  Her writing credentials include stints on the Saturday Telegraph Magazine and Harpers Bazaar, but her main focus has always been on interiors. A big break came when her NY apartment was featured on the indomitable style website, The Selby, [...]

Korla Fabric Founder, Jane Bonsor

Jane is the founder of Korla, a trendy textiles website that allows customers to completely personalize their home furnishings. Her stylish family home displays Oliver Perrott photography, Balinese furniture- and of course, lots of Korla! We take a peek around the house and chat to Jane about decorating, designing and renovating. This living space displays [...]

In the spotlight: Astrid Harrisson

Astrid Harrisson has the innate ability to capture in a single shot what makes horses so special.  She says, "I see myself as a photographer who is inspired by all things horse." Animal photography requires both skill and luck.  Subjects often don't co-operate, and if they do, then nature has to align: the light, weather [...]

An Evening with Lumitrix and OneFineStay

Here at Lumitrix one of our tenets is that people respond better to seeing art in a lifestyle context than in a traditional gallery.  We believe it helps our customers translate how our art will look in their own home.  Bearing this in mind we were delighted to partner OneFineStay for a celebration of artwork [...]

Annie Leibovitz: The Grand Doyenne of Female Photography

Annie Leibovitz is one of the world’s best-known portrait photographers.  Her name is synonymous with the celebration of the human form.  She cultivated her distinctive style and flair during her tenure as chief photographer of Rolling Stone, (she photographed John Lennon on the day he died), and has inspired millions across the globe with her [...]

Lumitrix Collaborates with Breadahead

We love a good collaboration, and currently two of our favourite things are residing alongside each other in a pop up for the extremely desirable bakery, Breadahead.  Fabulous art and fabulous cakes under one roof.  Perfect. If you haven’t heard of Breadahead have a ten second glance at their Instagram feed and you’ll feel an [...]

In Good Company

At Banda Property homes are built for life.  The property search and development company, Banda, strives to create homes that will weather the fluctuating design trends.   Lumitrix was delighted to collaborate with them and many other brilliant British brands to create these contemporary spaces that feel both fresh and timeless. The Lumitrix Art sits alongside [...]