Collector's Edit: Thomas Griffiths

Thomas Griffiths by Rollo Shaw

Thomas Griffiths is revered in London for his diverse and elaborate knowledge of art, interiors and antiques. He is soon to launch his platform Oskaig – named after a favourite corner of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland - to showcase the pieces that he collects, designs and sells as well as the unique interiors he creates for private clients. In the meantime, Thomas is currently a consultant for The Kairos Collective, an innovative online marketplace for antique and vintage design pieces. He works with dealers across Europe to curate extraordinary collections of furniture, lighting and decorative objects. Follow @tompgriffiths.

1. ‘Duncansby Head’ by Richard Gaston

I spend a lot of time on the west coast of Scotland - it’s my absolute favourite place. I would love to have a reminder of the drama and scale of the Scottish landscape in my London flat. This @lumitrix photograph would be perfect.

'Duncansby Head' by Richard Gaston
'Sea Fan VIII' | Jo de Pear

2. ‘Sea Fan VIII’ by Jo de Pear

We still think of 'blue prints' in the realm of architecture or engineering, but I imagine the cyanotype is all but obsolete in a technical capacity. It’s fascinating to see the natural forms that Jo de Pear captures with this technique. I love how the sea fern has an architectural quality when captured by the medium of cyanotype.

3. ‘Herbaria I’ by Jonty Sale

I have collected several folios of 19th Century Herbiers over the years, because I love the way they sit neatly between art and natural science. Jonty Sale's photographic versions are very beautiful and his camera truly takes flower-pressing a step further.

Herbaria #1 | Jonty Sale
Pushkar V | Helene Sandberg

4. ‘Pushkar V’ by Helene Sandberg

Helene Sandberg's photographs of the Pushkar camel fair are wonderfully atmospheric. The pink blanket strapped to one of the camels in this image adds a slightly surreal note, along with the two hot air balloons drifting off into the distance.


5. ‘Persepolis’ by Dave Watts

Iran is probably top of my fantasy travel list at the moment, but I think that trip is likely going to take a few years to realise. In the meantime, I would settle for this extraordinary @lumitrix image of Iranian tourists at Persepolis by Dave Watts.

Persepolis | Dave Watts
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