Collector’s Edit: Domenica Marland

Domenica Marland is a rising art dealer based between London and Wiltshire. With an impressive MA History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art, Domenica applies her extensive knowledge of the subject to sourcing both decorative and affordable works of art for her clientele. Her influential online gallery is featured on House & Garden's 'The List' as well as The World of Interiors Index where it attracts prominent designers. Domenica represents coveted artists such as Tatiana Alida, Beatrice Hasell-McCosh and Sophie Siem whose work she promotes using her significant online presence. Follow @domenicamarland and subscribe to her newsletter to be inspired.

Explore Domenica's Favourite Lumitrix Prints 

1. Anna Skladdmann, Dianthus Caryophyllus

'I am always drawn to close up photographs of plants and flowers, I could look at the intricacies of this powerful photograph by Anna Skladdmann for hours. Its shades of colour and shape completely draws you in.'

From £600 

2. Magdalena Wosinska, House of Ghosts

'I am so intrigued by this piece by Magdalena Wosinska. I love the way she uses her own body within her photographs and how they merge with her unusual landscapes. I love the soft colours in this work, it could work in any space and would be so pleasing to live amongst.'

From £200 

3. Jun Tokunaga, Flowers 09

'I really love how this work looks almost like an animation or painting, but as you look closer you can see the intense detailing and layers of the pink rose. The vibrancy of the colours are so harmonious, I would love to have it as a stand-alone piece on a wall in my home.'

From £200

4. Emilija Petrauskiené, Tropaeolum Majus (Nasturtium)

'At first, I thought this piece was an early modern photograph by the likes of Karl Blossfeldt. I love the way the artist has taken the classic photographic techniques from the turn of the 20th Century and used it in a contemporary setting. I am always inspired by the merging of old and new and feel this work does exactly that. I could imagine this print amongst a series of other works on a gallery wall.'

From £380

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