Collector’s Edit: Nina Litchfield, Interior Designer

Portrait of Nina Lichfield by Ingrid Rasmussen

Nina Litchfield is one of London’s leading interior designers. Brought up in Brazil, she brings colour and vibrancy to any setting. She studied at Inchbald School of design before launching her flourishing business. Recent projects include a stunning renovation in Portugal, relaxed apartment in Chelsea and a chic townhouse in Notting Hill. From Stella Magazine to the cover of Real Living and a feature in The New Creative Home, Nina is increasingly coveted for her uplifting and inspiring approach. Follow her on Instagram @ninalitchfieldstudios.

1. Palm Springs, California by Sinziana Velicescu

I have chosen this image because I love palm trees. They seem to take you to the sunshine on a gloomy day. I adore the subtle colours, which go with most interiors. I believe it would look great in a dining room.

Palm Springs | Sinziana Velicescu
It's Humid | Magadalena Wosinska

2. It’s Humid by Magdalena Wosinska

I love this photograph for its colour and nudity.  The female body, in my opinion, is hard to beat. There is something about it. The green of the lush banana leaves with that amazing shell-shaped seat in perfect pink is the dream. It feels sexy and would look gorgeous in any guest loo or bathroom!

3. Willow Springs Raceway I by Oliver Perrott

Once again there are colours that draw me to this. I love how it takes you back in time and there is something very masculine about it that I like. The racecourse building from the sixties is particularly amazing. I love the feeling that it gives you. It could look brilliant in an entrance hall.

'Willow Springs Raceway I' by Oliver Perrott
'Willow Springs Raceway I' by Oliver Perrott
Taking Shape #10 | Stefan Merriweather

4. Taking Shape #10 by Stefan Merriweather

This is a great play with shadow and I feel that it could hang anywhere. It’s a great urban back drop and it just sets the imagination free to wander. Where was this taken, how does the rest of the street look like? It could be any city anywhere, but the sun certainly shines there.

5. Salts I by Tommy Clarke

I love his images taken high in the sky - the bird’s eye view aspect. The colours are subtle and soothing. It could be an extraordinary painting. I would like to see it for myself one day! It transports you to a beautiful place and who doesn’t want that in their lives? Beautiful escapism.

Salt I | Tommy Clarke
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