LA Living, In Style: Inside Laura Austin's Apartment

Lumitrix photographer Laura Austin gives us a tour of her stylish studio apartment in LA. Laura is more than just a photographer; she is a visual storyteller, problem solver, traveller and writer. Her apartment reflects her passions, and amongst the industrial light-filled space there is plenty to fascinate over, including one of our favourite prints, Yosemite.

Yosemite by Laura Austin

Most holidays don't alter the course of your life, but occasionally you hear a story of a trip so momentous it changed the participant's destiny. Laura Austin is one of those people. Intrigued by the idea of Iceland, having been inspired by a film made by the Icelandic Tourist Board, (an absolute masterclass in PR and not at all what you might expect), her mother took the family there knowing Laura's longing for the mysterious land.

The trip, says Laura, "Was all I could have wanted, and more". Shortly after she returned, Laura quit her desk job to become a full-time freelance photographer and never looked back.  In fact, that Iceland trip inspires one of her fine art prints.


Her Instagram feed (@laura_austin) shows a life full of adventure, travel and ravishing places.  It's hard not to think she made an outstanding choice, and wonder why the rest of us aren't a little bolder and braver in our decision making.

Laura loves to travel alone. She says that the solitude forces you to confront your own reality and to become better acquainted with yourself.  In 2017 Laura published a book, SOLO, a guide to travelling alone. Stuffed full of photographs with the addition of thoughtful insights and lessons learned from roads travelled it is the culmination of Laura's work to date. Here at Lumitrix, we look forward to the next chapter.

For more of Laura's work, have a look at our collection. You can also browse through her website.

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