In the spotlight; Dansi

We are delighted to welcome Dansi, an ongoing collaboration between photographer Simon Clarke and Artistic Director Dan Stephings.


Kinesis ("physical movement,” 1819, from Greek kinesis “movement, motion”) is a collection of large format images by Dansi. The images are a study of the beauty of motion.

Photographer Simon Clark & Art director Dan Stephings

The collection examines the perfect dive, featuring Leon Taylor – former Olympic diver and now mentor to Tom Daley – at Barcelona’s iconic diving pool from the 1982 Olympics. Combining the beauty and precision of technical sport at the very highest level with a bold graphic style, the compositions are an arresting and deceptively simple collection of beautiful images.


We like to put our photographers through their paces with some quick fire questions to give a little insight into the way they work:


What range of cameras do you use?

Canon 1dx with various lenses


Do you ever use Medium/large format?


What type of lighting do you use? Natural or studio?  


Who are your artistic heroes?

Craigie Aitcheson, Nick Knight, Giles Alexander, William Coldstream

What is in your dream fine art photographic collection?

Chris Levine, Banksy Kate Moss, Warhol Marylin, Julian Cooper

How did your photographic career begin?

On holiday in Barbados on the catermeran ‘Cool Runnings’

Describe your first break.

Shooting a worldwide campaign for O’Neill

Where were you first published?

School Magazine!

What work are you most proud of?

Our diving project

What advice would you give younger photographers?

Assist someone who’s work you admire.

"Curve" by Dansi
"Pike" by Dansi
"Boards" by Dansi
"Fold" by Dansi

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

Barcelona – do you have to ask! And Oxshott, I love it for the woods

Where did you grow up?

North London and the French Alps

Are you artistic in otherways- can you draw?

Yes, a bit and a lot of graphic design

What is your favourite night of the week? Your favourite season?

Monday and Spring

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already?

To exhibit in NYC

Describe the best party you have ever been to.

Naomi Campbell’s 21st Birthday party on the Croisette in Cannes during the Film Festival

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

Sunday Roast after a trip to White Hart Lane – or a walk around Oxshott woods with my daughter

What excites you?


What angers you?


What is a good life?

Family and friends



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