Spotlight on: Massimo Rumi

Il Sole Sorge a Sud I

Everyone has their big break. That rings with a very particular relevance when it comes to photography. Countless photographers try their hand at a craft that is highly competitive and often mired in details. For so many who aspire to reach its upper echelons, fine art photography is about individual breaks.

For Massimo Rumi, the big break was more of a big decision. In 2007, the Economics graduate turned himself towards a period of travel and exploration. Along the way, he would take as many pictures as he could.

This is what leads the Reggio Calabria, Italy, native to his life as a photographer. Rumi's work is, by his own admission, a recollection of all that he has seen on his journey around the world. 80 countries later, he can't quite bring himself to stop.

Il Sole Sorge a Sud IV
Every Wall is a Door II

In fact, Rumi's love for his craft has taken him to some places he would never have dreamed of visiting. Perhaps the most memorable example of this is his excursion into Antarctica back in 2016. For this trip, Rumi was on a diminutive sailing yacht, making his way through the perils of the Drake Passage - an often harrowing body of water that counted itself as one of his greatest fears.

That endeavor would be followed by a string of publishing credits including names such as the Daily Mail, the New York Post, and National Geographic. His work is focused on the realism of everything that his journey has helped him see.

Il Sole Sorge a Sud I

Part of this involves a trip to Tropea, a quaint town bordering Rumi's native Calabria. Known for its clifftop views, Tropea is also famous for its enchanting beaches. With waters that maintain blues of unending depth, this serves as the perfect subject for Rumi's Il Sole Sorge a Sud series.

Il Sole Sorge a Sud III

From the diagonal composition of Il Sole Sorge a Sud III to the more vertically inclined Il Sole Sorge a Sud IV, a focus on colors is tangible. Each piece of this collection juxtaposes the calming blues of the Mediterranean Sea with the dynamic tones of beachgoers' umbrellas and attire.

And yet, Rumi's work goes beyond bringing together two perspectives of lighter pastels. In another of his series, we're gripped by an array of colors surrounded, essentially, by relative darkness.

Every Wall is a Door includes a selection of shots focusing on the brightly colored wall of the SOHO building. This luxurious office space is nearly entirely monochromatic in its overall design but is centered by the spectacle of a multi-colored wall of doors.

Every Wall is a Door I
Il Sole Sorge a Sud II
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