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Influenced by the works of William Eggleston and a love of graphic composition, Billy Bolton lets reality speak for itself. His work exemplifies an uninvolved approach, emphasizing photograph over photographer. His career has led him to intriguing places, the stories of which his work portrays eloquently.

Preferred Style
Stripped back documentary photography.

Preferred Camera
Canon 6D or 5D

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Quick Questions

Describe your design process

I am very much into making images with a very graphic composition. I like straight lines.

Who are your artistic heroes?

William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Werner Herzog, Gaspar Noe and Gideon Koppel.

What is in your dream fine art photographic collection?

Anything by William Eggleston.

How did your photographic career begin?

My photographic career really started with making a series of zines while at University that lead onto making a short documentary film about people that live on the coast of England.

Describe your first break?

The documentary film started to get noticed and was featured in various exhibitions and shown on TV.

Where were you first published?

LAW Magazine.

What work are you most proud of?

Being featured in the Guardian Travel supplement.

Have you been exhibited at all? Where?

The Tate Modern and Self Publish be Happy exhibition in Milan.

Favourite part of your job?

Not having a boss.

Biggest challenge?

I am alone a lot.

Worst moment?

Being chased and having stones thrown at me in Russia after being mistaken for an American photographer.

What is your favourite night of the week?

Fridays because you know Saturday is yet to come.

What angers you?

Pineapple on Pizza.

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