Caroline Gibello
Caroline Gibello

Caroline Gibello South Africa

Caroline’s stunning, serene images reflect her enduring affinity with Africa and her love of travel. The sun bleached palate and soft toned hues of her photographs are testament to her reverence for the natural world. Caroline’s photography has taken her around the globe, but she grew up in Cape Town and now lives in a small South African village. When at home she loves walking, swimming in the local rivers and making pancakes with her daughter.

Preferred Style
Clean, uncluttered, white, ethereal.

Preferred Camera
Canon 5D Mark II – two camera bodies, a range of lenses.

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  1. Leopard
    Caroline Gibello
  2. Lone Giraffe Under Tree
    Lone Giraffe Under Tree
    Caroline Gibello
  3. Three Giraffes
    Three Giraffes
    Caroline Gibello

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Quick Questions

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

In a small village in the South African countryside called Greyton. Reasons why I love it? The Mountain. Rivers. Waterfalls. The simple life. Living outside of conformist society and the bright city lights. Living in a small conscious community.

Describe your design process?

Over exposed, de-saturated images that I flood with light to eradicate background clutter and noise. Simple, clean, soft lines in muted tones. I like to think that my imagery, although wildlife, is not ‘traditional’ wildlife imagery and that a more ethereal, mystical and emotive sense is evoked.

How did your photographic career begin?

At the age of 21 I set off for the Himalayas and bought a little Canon SLR as a trusty travelling companion. The majesty of the mountains and the beauty and humility of the Nepalese people completely bewitched me and a passion was born!

Who are your artistic heroes?

My artistic hero is Mother Nature. But in my photographic formative years I revered the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, David Alan Harvey, Steve McCurry, Eric Valli, Annie Leibowitz, Sally Mann, Sebastio Salgado, Mirella Ricciardi, Sam Haskins, Sarah Moon and Marc Riboud. And Modigliani is my all-time favourite painter.

Favourite part of your job?

Being on the road…wide open skies and spaces, the freedom associated with being in the bush or in a completely foreign country immersing myself in the magic and mystery of foreign cultures, peoples and creatures.

Biggest challenge?

Being human – I'd like to be an animal living wild and free.

Worst moment?

Driving my Landi in to the back of a collector vintage Porsche that was on its way to a national car show!

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t already?

Exhibit in New York next year, finish my Indian book and traverse Africa in my Landi.

Describe the best party you have ever been to.

On the wild coast in the Transkei – camping on a lagoon next to the sea, full moon, special people, African drums, starry skies, dancing all night in the wilderness, watched the sun rise over the ocean…

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

Making pancakes, walking on the mountain with my daughter and hounds, and getting my hands dirty in the garden. I also love standing under a waterfall or swiming in the river, followed by a long lazy lunch with family and friends.

What is a good life?

A simple one.

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