Elina Ruka

Elina RukaRiga, Latvia

Inspired by one of the most powerful forces in nature, Elina Ruka’s fine art photography is a reflection of fear blended with fascination. Her own personal apprehension at being exposed to the power of the ocean translates into a curiosity about the duality of being both pulled in and pushed away by forces beyond our control — but not beyond our understanding.

Preferred Style
Natural, multilayered.

Preferred Camera
From digital to film, underwater to gopro.

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  1. Relativity
    Elina Ruka
  2. Underneath
    Elina Ruka

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Quick Questions


I don’t think an artist has to only work in one style or field. We are complicated, as human beings are; we change and evolve all the time, so a certain transition is natural. I’m mostly interested in the malleability of an image’s physical form and visual meaning through the ideas of repetition, processing and multi-layering.


I find it in nature, walking, hiking, running and observing the seasonal changes; music, science, arts and other creative manifestations of the human mind.

Favourite part of your job?

Working in the studio and seeing the ideas materialising.

Biggest challenge?

Every challenge is also an opportunity.

Worst moment?

Receiving half of the pieces damaged at the gallery 2 days before opening.

Secret ambition?

Exhibiting at MoMA.

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