Anna SkladmannLondon, UK

Anna Skladmann (b. 1986, Bremen, Germany) combines photography and scanning techniques to reflect on aspects of contemporary life as well as exploring notions of nature and society. She is interested in the notion of archives as well as literature and mythology. Anna’s work is included in permanent collections such as The Pinault Collection and The Moscow Museum of Modern Art. She received her MA from the Royal College of Art, BA from Parsons School of Design and has won the Arles Photo Folio Prize.

Preferred Style
Modern Interpretation of Classics.

Preferred Camera
Mamiya 7 II, Epson Scanner

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  1. Dianthus Caryophyllus
    Anna Skladmann

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Lumitrix Artists’ Questionnaire

Describe your process as a photographer

I use scanning techniques and photographic processes to reflect critically on aspects of contemporary life and politics exploring aspects of nature and society, cultivation and the machine. Submerging natural specimens into liquids such as milk and water and then placing them towards the light of the scanner draw back to the birth of photography and mimic a digital process of the cyanotype.

Describe your photographic style in one word.


Which opportunity has defined your career thus far?

My career has been a pearl necklace of opportunities that have led me where I am, each one as important as the other starting from my internship at Annie Leibovitz’s Studio at the age of 20, over my five years of working as a Social Documentary Photographer in Russia up to going back to do my Masters at the Royal College of Arts mainly unlearning everything I knew.

Describe the space within which you work?

I try to draw my inspiration from a world that moves in between a psychological state where the alchemy of the self transpires beneath the rose of our immediate awareness. I then find certain motives reflected back in nature which I collect and combine with symbols, histories and myths to create alternative female-focused narratives rooted in the natural world.

Which photographer are you most influenced by?

Anna Atkins, for pioneering Photography. Taryn Simon for her ability to question our ways of story-telling, archiving and creating history. Susan Derges for her alternative photographs.

How has your education informed you?

I have a very formal Photographic Education from the Parsons School of Design with a focus on Documentary Photography which I practised for over ten years. This has shaped my ways of storytelling. My MA from the Royal College of Art gave me a vocabulary to translate my thoughts artistically.

Which photograph(s) would you like to collect?

I would love to fall asleep to a Thomas Ruff ‘Stellar Landscape’.

Is there a subject that you’re yet to explore?

The natural world is huge.

Has social media positively impacted your work?

It has opened a network to communicate and promote my art, daily life and you somehow always pleasantly feel watched.

Which of you travels has inspired you?

All my travels in and around Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, their daily lives intertwined to nature is admirable.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Stay fluid.

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